I’m Jim Moeller, and I want to make Congress work again.

I am a healthcare professional with 30 years of experience working for Kaiser Permanente as a mental health and addiction counselor. I am Speaker Pro Tem of the Washington State House of Representatives, and I have served Southwest Washington as an elected official for the last two decades.

I am running for Congress because Southwest Washington needs better representation.

Right now, we have a Congress that is setting records for inaction. And that’s simply unacceptable!

The person holding this seat right now has the 6th worst absentee record in Congress. She has missed 555 votes as of this writing, and the number continues to grow. We are WITHOUT representation in Washington, DC!

We need a Congress that takes the work of our country seriously. We need a Congress that is on OUR side, revitalizing our economy and putting people back to work.

Health care, job growth, and environmental reform all cry out for a representative who will work on our behalf.

I will be that representative for you. Thank you for visiting my site. Please look around, and let’s MAKE CONGRESS WORK AGAIN!

Jim Moeller LT Governor

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