Texas Holdem Strategy Guide

Texas Holdem Strategy 1. ALWAYS TIE AND GO. This is the first strategy any beginner should learn, because it totally turns the odds in your favor in the early stages of the game. The first betting round is often the worst possible time to begin. If you have a good Texas Holdem Strategy you can get out before your opponents do and rack up huge pots.

texas holdem strategy

A second Texas Holdem Strategy would be to stay in when you have a strong hand, but play your hands off in the mid-game to keep your opponents guessing. When you are holding a good hand, raise the flop and raise the blinds. Mid-game plays such as these are usually very weak attacks for your opponents. If they see you are throwing just big pots all the time, they will most likely fold their hand and try to play it out. When you have a good tight aggressive hand, they will fold to you if they do not have the money to take you on the flop.

A third Texas Holdem Strategy is to know how to block. What I mean by this is to play your opponent’s moves so that you will take the pot after the turn or when the opponents are throwing big reels. If you have a slow play and slow throw, the other players will capitalize on your delay and take you on. The best way to block is to have a tight aggressive hand with massive strength. Once you have this type of hand you can sit and wait for the turn and watch for the slow play.

A fourth Texas Holdem Strategy would be to have a strong pre-flop image. When you are at the table, stare at your opponents, but don’t make eye contact. Smile, but don’t give the impression that you are happy. Your poker face should be hidden behind your poker face mask. You will look confident and formidable as you take advantage of everything your opponents are doing wrong and win the pot because you know your pre-flop strategy is solid.

And finally, your final Texas Holdem Strategy would be to have a steady and consistent cash games performance. This means that you have to put in the work consistently and not rely on luck. No matter how many times you have picked up great hands, you need to keep working on improving your game and you need to get better with staying in cash games. There is a tool I use to help me stay consistent in cash games and that is called the “PT Swing” or Texas Holdem Training Swing. You can learn more about the tool below.

All these strategies sound very simple and they are, but each one is designed to put you ahead of your opponents in position to win the money. The best Texas Holdem Strategy guides teach you how to read your opponents, how to figure out their hand and how to use pre-flop strategies to your advantage. As I said before, there are many different Texas Holdem Strategy guides out there. You just need to find one that fits your style of playing the game and you will be all set. Just remember, being consistent and using the same Texas Holdem Strategy for all your flop plays will eventually lead you to a trip to the bank.